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Meet Our Team!

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Narumi Yoshida, CPA/PFS, CFP®︎, EA

Managing Director

Narumi Yoshida was born and raised in Shizuoka, Japan.  He realized the importance of accounting when in high school, he assisted in maintaining the bookkeeping for his parents’ business.  At age 19, Mr. Yoshida moved to New York in pursuit of his educational and professional goals. “I chose New York City because I used to be a dancer and the New York dance scene had hugely influenced me growing up. While pursuing dance, I thought back to my experience working with my parents and I decided to attend Baruch College to attain my accounting degree instead.  Soon after, I began working as the head accountant for the Office of George Y. Hara.”

When the financial crisis 2008 occurred, Mr. Yoshida saw the need to provide more than just accounting and tax services. “Our clients kept calling and expressing concerns about their retirement savings accounts.  One woman, who looks just like my own mother, was so worried and couldn’t sleep at night because her retirement savings account was significantly impacted. She was struggling to contact her financial advisor.”  Mr. Yoshida couldn’t just sit back and watch. It was stories like these that pushed him to switch gears and focus on financial planning.   Eventually, he transitioned to working at a prominent financial advisory firm.

A few years later, Edward Hara reached out to Mr. Yoshida to express interest in him taking over his father’s legacy.  “I was honored to be offered this opportunity. When we merged, The Office of George Y. Hara, became Hara Yoshida Accounting. I wanted to keep “Hara” as part of the name to express my gratitude for the company’s history. My hopes are to provide our community the best Accounting and Tax services with our proactive approach. I look forward to being a valuable resource to you.”

In 2019, Mr. Yoshida made the decision to launch Yoshida Wealth Management, Inc., Independent RIA, to provide tax-focused, comprehensive financial planning and investment management services for individuals and families. With the combined support from Yoshida Wealth Management, Inc., we believe we can add significant value to our clients. If you are interested in Financial Planning and/or Investment Management Services, please contact us here.

Edward Hara, CPA/PFS             Director

In 1979 my father, George Y. Hara, saw a need in the Japanese community for financial guidance and that is when The Office of George Y. Hara was born. In 1986 I began assisting my father in the business.  Upon his passing in 1994, I took on the business to carry on his legacy as a resource and support in the Japanese community and to the general New York community. A new legacy is being started with the joint leadership of Narumi Yoshida and myself as Hara Yoshida Accounting.  As the company begins this new chapter, I will continue to provide mentoring and guidance. 


Ms. Nakamura - Executive Assistant

I began my relationship with the company when I was a client of Mr. Hara’s.  Now years later I joined our team in 2015.  I hope to provide you with a warm welcome as I am typically the first person our clients have contact with.  I specialize in Bookkeeping, Payroll, Sales Tax and assist Mr. Yoshida with various administrative projects. 


Ms. Tagawa -  Associate Accountant

My ad​venturous streak led me to new horizons and a new career in New York!  I started as an Associate Accountant with HYA after completing my studies at Baruch College.  Prior to HYA, I worked as a producer for a movie distribution company in Tokyo, Japan.  I look forward to using my diverse background with clients to better serve each of you. 


Ms. Ichikawa - Office Assistant

I joined HYA in 2020 and specialize in Payroll and Bookkeeping.  I believe in providing our clients responsive and accurate service with Japanese-style courtesy and respect.  My favorite pets are cats and in my free time I enjoy playing the piano.


Ms. Mastrantonakis - Operations Manager

I joined HYA in 2016 as Mr. Yoshida took over management of the company.  My role is to run HYA’s internal operations in order to help the rest of our team focus their attention on what is most important…the clients!  I lived in Tokyo, Japan for two years and enjoy practicing my Japanese in the office. 



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