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Our Tax Filing Process


Step 1


Contact Us with your request by email through our CONTACT page.

Step 2


When we reach out to you, we will give you a quote based on:

                                                - your completed tax organizer

                                                - your most recent tax return

                                                - your filing requirements for this tax year

Step 3


Upon your approval of our quote, you'll receive an engagement letter stating the services being provided. 

*A nonrefundable retainer fee is required of all first time clients.

Step 4


Preparation Process - This is where we will help guide you through gathering the necessary documents to support the filing of your tax return.

Step 5


Finalization - You will receive a draft of the completed tax return so we can review it and address any questions you may have. 

Step 6


After you receive the final invoice, and it has been paid in full, we will submit the completed tax return on your behalf.

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